• 我欣喜若狂,三步并作两步就跑过去。
    I quickly ran over to tread on air.
  • 世界上最美的脸是笑脸,快乐的人最美丽。
    The most beautiful face in the world is smiling face, happy people are the most beautiful.
  • 快乐的人大多豪爽,爱交际,朋友多。
    Happy people are more forthright, sociable, and many friends.
  • 快乐是一种心境,跟财富年龄与环境无关。
    Happiness is a state of mind. It has nothing to do with wealth, age and environment.
  • 做好事是人生中确实快乐的行动。
    Doing good is the only thing that is truly happy in life.
  • 最好的脸部保养品,就是微笑与善念。
    The best facial skin care products, and good is the smile.
  • 想得到快乐,就别让自己过得无精打采。
    If you want to be happy, don't let yourself get depressed.
  • 他心里高高兴兴,像有一只小鸟在那唱歌!
    He was just as happy as a little bird singing there!
  • 快乐的人胸怀宽广,不会斤斤计较,鸡毛蒜皮。
    Happy people are broad-minded, they don't haggle over trifles.
  • 世界上没有比快乐更能使人美丽的化妆品。
    There is no cosmetics that are more beautiful than happiness in the world.
  • 笑是一种没有副作用的镇静剂。
    Laughter is a tranquilizer without side effects.
  • 快乐无处不在,无时不在。
    Happiness is everywhere, everywhere.
  • 他高兴的压抑不住心跳!
    He was so happy that he couldn't stop his heart beating!
  • 好像有一股甜滋滋清凉凉的风,掠过我的心头!
    There is a sweet cool wind, passed through my heart!
  • 自私自利的人永远找不到快乐。
    Selfish people can never find happiness.
  • 心情太激动了,简直无法比喻了。
    The mood was so exciting that it could not be compared.
  • 用嘻哈的蓝调精神来过二胡一样的生活。
    Use the hip-hop Blues spirit to live the same life as erhu.
  • 他的心就像久旱的苗儿喝倒了水!
    His heart like a Miaoer down to drink water!
  • 喜悦涌进了她的心中,心仿佛荡漾在春水里。
    Joy poured into her heart, heart ripples in the spring.
  • 他说不清楚,只知自己是一只快乐的鸟儿!
    He didn't say clearly, only knew he was a happy bird!
  • 快乐,是人生中最伟大的事!
    Happiness is the greatest thing in life!
  • 根是地下的枝,枝是天空中的根。
    Roots are the branches of the earth, and branches are the roots of the sky.
  • 不懂得快乐之道,烦恼便永远跟随你。
    If you don't know the way of happiness, worry will follow you forever.
  • 听到大家的赞美,他心里美滋滋的!
    We heard the praise, he was flattered!
  • 没有医保和寿险的,天黑后不要见义勇为。
    Without medical insurance and life insurance, don't be courageous after dark.
  • 鸵鸟的幸福,只是一堆沙子。
    Ostrich happiness is just a pile of sand.
  • 快乐使人身体无病,心灵无疾。
    Happiness makes the body sick and soul free.
  • 若想得到快乐,就别让自己过得无精打采。
    If you want to be happy, don't let yourself get depressed.
  • 快乐不在于事情,而在于我们自己。
    Happiness lies not in things, but in ourselves.
  • 那颗心乐得快要盛不下蜜糖般的喜悦.
    The heart was so happy that it could not contain the joy of honey
  • 所谓快乐,是指身体的无痛苦和灵魂的无纷扰。
    The so-called happiness refers to the pain of the body and the spirit of no disturbance.
  • 曾经迷惘的心中,是你牵引我走出寂寞。
    It was you who led me out of the loneliness when I was lost in my mind.
  • 只有信念使快乐真实。
    Only faith makes happiness real.
  • 不要着急,的总会在最不经意的时候出现。
    Don't try so hard, the best things come when you least expect them to。
  • 老去心情随日减,远来书信隔年间。
    The old mood decreases with the days.
  • 心里*出灿烂而快乐。
    Brilliant and happy in my heart.
  • 我不能选择哪的,是那的选择了我。
    I cannot choose the best, but the best chooses me.
  • 真正的快乐,来自于内心的平静。
    True happiness comes from inner peace.
  • 高兴得忘乎所以,手舞足蹈!
    Happy dancing!
  • 同学们欣喜若狂,全都兴高采烈地欢呼起来。
    The students were overjoyed, and they all cheered in excitement.
  • 想要获得快乐,不是增加财富,而是降低*。
    To achieve happiness is not to increase wealth, but to lower desire.
  • 我的心里甜滋滋的,感到了从未有过的欢乐。
    I felt, had never felt the joy.
  • 他高兴,犹如北京的二月,春风吹的暖意融融!
    He is happy, just like the February of Beijing, the warmth of spring breeze is warm!
  • 手拿菜刀砍电线,一路火花带闪电。
    Cut the wire with a kitchen knife, with sparks all the way.
  • 快乐应该是美德的伴侣。
    Happiness should be a companion of virtue.
  • 与人相处之道,在于无限的容忍。
    The way to get along with others lies in infinite tolerance.
  • 没有人能比笑得过多的人更感到深切的悲衰。
    No one can feel more deeply sad than a man who laughs too much.
  • 我们的目标:向钱看,向厚赚。
    Our goal: money, to make thick.
  • 求快乐时非快乐,得便宜处失便宜。
    To be happy is not to be happy, but to be cheap is to lose it.
  • 当我们爱别人的时候,生活是美好快乐的。
    When we love others, life is beautiful and happy.
  • 像是喝了清醇的酒,嘴角也露出了笑!
    Like a mellow wine, the mouth is also exposed to smile!
  • 她满脸是甜蜜的微笑,活像一朵盛开的玫瑰花。
    Her face is sweet smile, like a blooming rose.
  • 令人不能自拔的,除了牙齿还有爱情。
    I can't help myself, except for teeth and love.
  • 微笑拥抱每一天,做像葵花般和煦的女子。
    Smile, embrace every day, be a sunflower like woman.
  • 夜秘密的把花开放了,却让白日去领受谢词。
    Night secret opened the flower, but allows the day to get.
  • 那颗心乐得快要盛不下蜜糖般的喜悦。
    The heart was so happy that it could not contain the joy of honey.
  • 念了十几年书,想起来还是幼儿园比较好混!
    Read more than ten years of books, or kindergarten is better mix!
  • 喝药递瓶,上吊给绳,跳楼的挥着小手绢送行。
    Take medicine, pass the bottle, hang it to the rope, jump off the small handkerchief and see off.
  • 快乐是成功的副产品。
    Happiness is a byproduct of success.
  • 觉得自己不快活的不会快活的。
    People who don't feel happy are not happy.



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