叙述心情的英语句子 唯美走心的英文句子

叙述心情的英语句子 唯美走心的英文句子


  • 握过你的手,仿佛余温在指尖缠绕。
    hold your hand, as if the temperature in the finger wound.
  • 对于爱情你是不敢还是不能。
    are you afraid of love or not.
  • 今生不忘兄弟情,来世不忘父母恩。
    this life does not forget the brotherhood, never forget the parents.
  • 我总会想你,睡觉的时候也没停止过。
    i always miss you, did not stop sleeping.
  • 你让我明白暗恋原来是这么一回事。
    you make me understand that unrequited love is such a thing.
  • 亲手把一辈子的幸福给了你。
    hand to give you a lifetime of happiness.
  • 在我难过时,也没人能给我依靠。
    when i’m sad, no one can rely on me.
  • 原来一切都会得过去的。
    everything will be the past.
  • 心上有刀疤,就连神仙也无能为力。
    have the scar heart, even the gods are incapable of action.
  • 哭,滴落的是眼泪,散裂的是心。
    cry, tears dripping, spallation is the heart.
  • 我爱你不是一两天,而是一万年。
    i love you not one or two days, but ten thousand years.
  • 云想衣裳花想容,春风拂槛露华浓。
    cloud like clothes look, the spring breeze blows sill revlon.
  • 两个人不过是道具,结局早已经注定。
    two people are props, the outcome has been doomed.
  • 管的太多,只会让距离越来越远。
    tube too much, will only let the distance more and more far.
  • 爱是恒久忍耐,加以恩赐。
    love is enduring, giving.
  • 没有经历过的人,没有对于他的意义。
    he who has not experienced, has no meaning for him.
  • 被自己爱的人抱着睡真幸福。
    happy to be loved by the one you love.
  • 我的爱情坚持了很久,却没到最后。
    my love for a long time, but not to the end.
  • 现在我长发及腰,他却无法陪我到老。
    now i have long hair and waist, but he can not accompany me to the old.
  • 有没有一种幸福,可以让我不哭。
    there is no happiness, i can not cry.
  • 我想和她去领结婚证!
    i want to marry her!
  • 我在怀念,你不再怀念的。
    i miss, you no longer miss.


  • 一巴掌打死我的痴心和妄想。
    a slap killed my infatuation and paranoia.
  • 所谓的海誓山盟,到头来不过是欺骗。
    but in the end is the so-called exchange solemn vows and pledges, deception.
  • 心中有座坟,藏着未亡人。
    there is a grave hidden in our heart.
  • 你我之间本无缘分,全靠我颜值死撑。
    between you and me, no fate, all depends on the value of my dead support.
  • 我也只是喜欢你,但并非非你不可。
    i just like you, but not you.
  • 我的笑容里,埋着心灰意冷。
    i smile, buried downhearted.
  • 喜欢你解释的时候,我会忍不住笑。
    i can’t help laughing when you explain it.
  • 一句对不起,太沉重!我承担不起。
    sorry, too heavy! i can’t afford to.
  • 人一简单就快乐,一世故就变老。
    one simple happiness, a worldly will grow old.
  • 流水落花春去也,天上人间。
    what’s lost is lost, immeasurably vast difference.
  • 一个人,一座城,一个人独守空城。
    a person, a city, a person alone in night.
  • 能在我心里兴风作浪你该识趣。
    can you make the wrong in my heart.
  • 别感动我,然后头也不回的离开我。
    don’t touch me and leave me without my head.
  • 天太冷了,有什么事,来我被窝里说。
    the weather is too cold, what to say, in my bed.
  • 爱你此生恋你千年!
    love your life, love you a thousand years!
  • 我喜欢你,也愿意放弃你!
    i like you, but also willing to give up you!
  • 不要用傻笑来代替你内心的悲伤。
    ​​​​​​​don’t use a giggle to replace you sadness.


  • 有的时候睡觉也是一种享受。
    sometimes, sleep is also a kind of enjoyment.
  • 失去的不再回来,回来的不再完美。
    lost no longer come back, come back no longer perfect.
  • 最爱你的人是我,你怎么舍得我难过。
    the person who loves you most is me.
  • 难过,连哭的觉得孤单。
    sad, cry even feel lonely.
  • 最平凡的爱最让人依赖。
    the most common love is the most dependent.
  • 怕爹是孝顺,怕老婆是爱情。
    father is afraid of filial piety, afraid of his wife is love.
  • 我会一直在,纵使寂寞开成海。
    i will always be, even lonely open into the sea.
  • 只要不是对的人再怎么努力也没用。
    as long as it is not the right people no matter how hard it is useless.
  • 没有了你,我真的很孤单。
    i’m so lonely without you.
  • 因为,放手才是拥有了一切。
    because, let go is to have everything.
  • 嘴角上扬的动作,早已经不属于我。
    the mouth of the action, already not belong to me.
  • 陪着你走完此生,但愿我们安好。
    accompany you through this life, i hope we are safe.
  • 从天堂到地狱,我只是路过人间。
    from heaven to hell, i’m just passing by.
  • 不能永远的爱,那就别爱。
    not forever love, then love.
  • 我叫泓,所以你的欺骗如洪水涌来。
    my name is wang, so you cheat as flood coming.
  • 上流社会的人,总喜欢做点下流的事。
    the upper class people always like to do something nasty.
  • 迷了路索性就不走路。
    lost the road simply do not walk.
  • 思想有多远,你就给我滚多远!
    how far is your thought, how far you roll me!
  • 丘比特的情箭上,沒有莪的名字。
    cupid love arrows, not my name.
  • 当我看见的你微笑,一切都不用苦恼。
    when i see you smile, nothing to worry about.
  • 我的生活,在每个微笑里幸福
    my life, happy in every smile.

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